Two step verification account login

To access an email account with a security system normal, just enter our address and our password. But what happens if someone steals our password? This is where you sense the concept of “two-step verification” has introduced Gmail and is very useful to prevent unwanted intrusions.

The two-step verification as Google defines it, requires two factors: something you know (password) and something you have in your possession, that is the phone and through it, a code is sent. Hence the need to access both. Is no use having only the password. This is similar to what some banks offer their services online, in addition to requesting an identification code, we ask a key that is in the physical card we have. When we walked into our account, we will see a message similar to the following:

step verification

How it works and codes are generated in gmail account login

About the password there is little to add, we are all familiar with this form of identification, but, how does the second code to be entered? To receive it, you have

Through an SMS or a voice call directly to our phone

Surely more than one is thinking of how uncomfortable it must be requesting a code every time we go to access your email account. Well, it is not necessary, as Gmail allows us to remember a device for 30 days or even permanently. Therefore, if we start in to our computer often no problem, however if someone tries to do it from a different computer or from a public place, you need the verification code to enter gmail account.

And what about other applications? Gtalk, for example, to enter a verification code. The same happens if we installed the application on your phone. For these cases, is created in Gmail application specific passwords. Each one is unique and primary account may revoke the authorization if desired.

We end this section with another question quite often: what if I want to access my account, I have the security code and I have the phone in hand? Since Google knows it can be a possibility, so they offer a card with ten codes for single use to print the creation of the account and the user can perform. If someone finds out, they still have to know the password so it is a relatively safe.

How to activate it in your Gmail account

2steps verification

While logged in, select the email in the top right of the window and accessed “Configuracción account”. From there, in the Security section, we can see if we have this active system. To activate it, go to Edit. We asked for the password again and then start the configuration.

Now is the time to enter the phone number you want to receive the verification code, either by SMS or calls. Once received, we headed to the configuration. Furthermore, here we offer the option to say that our team is a trusted computer. It is important to only select this option if you really trust a computer, not a public computer or used by many people.

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