Gmail login sign in account –

To access the gmail website write on our official web address bar Once the page loads you will see a screen that asks us to put our email address and password or a password to gmail login.

Of course, we enter the data ali of our own, where we enter the registration e-mail inquiries, this is our email address and chosen password. It’s really very simple registration is not as complex as some people think.

gmail login

If you do not have a Gmail email account, click here to learn how to create a gmail account. In case you do not have access to your account, you have forgotten your password or someone has stolen, there are methods to recover your gmail account. However, users are advised to use 2-step verification gmail account safe. This means you also entering your username and password, you must enter a code to your mobile phone where

we have to enter it every time you start sign in to gmail. But if we do it from your own computer, and feel that our computer is secure, we inform the gmail email this and only have to enter once. If the income is from an unauthorized computer ie a public computer, you are prompted verification code via cell phone through text messages or voice messages. For more information, click here.

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